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No matter the tradition, the enchantment of weddings often seems to transport us to another time. And, while your eyes might be locked on your future partner, everyone else’s eyes will be focused on you. Why? Simply put, in today’s fast-paced society nothing seems to capture that old-time magic and classic grace quite like a beautiful bride. Ultimately, she embodies the intricate mix between new beginnings and sacred traditions that make these days so special.

Knowing this, and how the memories and photos from their wedding will last a lifetime, many brides come to us wanting that timeless look. After all, while dress and hair styles change over the years, things like clear, youthful skin do not. Trust us: caking on makeup is not a solution; it merely covers what you really want to address and leaves you uneasy. Confidence in one’s appearance never goes out of fashion, and that is where Sadick Dermatology can help. Whether it’s using our advanced lasers to erase the signs of aging and sun damage, or rejuvenating your hair with PRP, we are experts on helping brides prepare for that naturally radiant look that will leave everyone breathless.

So what are the best skincare treatments for brides who want to improve their skin and hair before their wedding day? Here are just a few of our favorites.

Laser Resurfacing: Fraxel or Clear and Brilliant / Permea

What is it? Clear and Brilliant is a laser treatment to fight sun damage and the early signs of aging in addition to giving you an overall rejuvenating glow.

How to get optimal results. Discontinue any Retin-A, glycolic acid, salicylic acid and hydroquinone 5-7 days before your procedure. If you have a tan (including a spay tan), wait until it fades completely before your treatment. Please speak with your practitioner regarding the after care and ask about our customized post-laser kit.

What brides should expect. Redness right after the treatment with a mild sun burn sensation. Expect mild flaking, roughness and possible swelling on days 2-5, post treatment. It is important to follow your customized post-laser skin care routine, complete with daily sunscreen as your skin is a little more sun sensitive.

Sadick Dermatology insider advice. Be sure to plan these treatments around any pre-wedding events you have as you may need 3-7 days for your skin to recover. Bridal shower, engagement party, meeting your future in-laws for their annual pheasant shoot, etc. And if you’re going somewhere sunny for your bachelorette party, let your physician know. Sun exposure and laser treatments do not intermix well.


Radiofrequency Microneedling (Intensif)

What is it? Microneedling with radiofrequency is a game-changing treatment for overall facial rejuvenation, pore reduction, acne scars and skin tightening. Microneedling creates tiny, microscopic channels into the skin anywhere from 1-3.5mm deep to create controlled injury to the skin, allowing for collagen stimulation and rejuvenated skin.

How to get optimal results. Add PRP to your treatment to expedite healing and increase your glow-factor. A series of three treatments, every 4-5 weeks is optimal.

What brides should expect. Mild to moderate redness post procedure that may last 2-4 hours. Mild swelling with flakiness can last up to 5 days.

Sadick Dermatology insider advice. If you are treating acne scars, give yourself 6 months before your wedding to achieve optimal results.


Hair Rejuvenation with PRP, Light Therapy, and More

What is it? We offer some of the most comprehensive hair rejuvenation services in the country. Wedding planning can be stressful and we all know the role stress plays on the body; particularly when it comes to hair and hair loss. While most hair loss stems from a genetic predisposition, stress can exacerbate hair shedding. From PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections and red light therapy to vitamins, and prescription strength / customized topicals we have what it takes to ensure your hair stays full and healthy. We recommend a consultation with one of our providers to determine the root cause of your hair loss or thinning and to customize a treatment that is right for you.

How to get optimal results. We approach hair concerns with internal and external treatments in order to achieve the best result. Your practitioner may recommend a combination of oral, topical and stimulatory treatments. Results are not overnight and require consistency. Most PRP treatments are done monthly, but red light therapy is best done weekly.

What brides should expect. A thorough examination including medications, medical history and scalp analysis. If PRP is the right treatment for you, a simple blood draw is performed and your blood is then placed in a centrifuge where the platelets (growth factors) are separated from the white/red blood cells. The platelets, often called “liquid gold” are then injected into your scalp where you may have hair loss or thinning. The treatment takes 30 minutes to perform with mild to moderate pressure expected for 1-2 hours post-treatment. Red light therapy is a 20 minute painless session where red lights are safely aimed over the targeted area to stimulate hair growth.

Sadick Dermatology insider advice. Avoid wearing a tight ponytail or bun! While working up a sweat or doing hair trails, avoid wearing your hair up in a tight hairstyle. Traction alopecia (hair loss) happens when there is too much tension placed on the hair shaft. Wear a head band or lose ponytail when working out and avoid going to sleep with your hair pulled back.

Tattoo Removal with Picosure or Enlighten

What is it? Ready to rethink your ink? The Picosure and Enlighten laser uses a picosecond wavelength to effectively break up tattoo pigment without damaging the surrounding tissue. This technology is a game-changer because it can break up various colors of tattoo pigment which was not possible with earlier generation lasers.

How to get optimal results. Tattoo removal takes time. If you have ink regret, give yourself 6-12 months for optimal results. Like any laser treatment, you cannot be tanned or plan any beach vacations while getting treated.

What brides should expect. A strong numbing cream will be applied to the area 30 minutes before treatment. The procedure time depends on the size of your tattoo but expect anywhere from 10-30 minutes for treatment. Ointment will be applied on the area along with a large bandage. Expect to apply ointment and a bandage twice daily for up to one week.

Sadick Dermatology insider advice. Not every tattoo is created equal and size does not always matter! Professional tattoos are much easier to remove than amateur ink. Additionally, the depth of the tattoo ink will influence the number of treatments required.

Sadick Dermatology has the team and the tools to treat all of your bridal skincare needs. And remember, it’s not just for the brides…we treat grooms, too! To learn more about our advanced skin and hair rejuvenation treatments, or how we can get the groom looking his sharpest, feel free to reach out to us at:


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