Sadick Dermatology Treatments

Hair & Nails

Our skincare specialists are trained to offer the latest and most effective skincare treatments. For a simple rejuvenation in your skin, you may want to try Madonna’s favorite Oxygen Facial or our Exclusive DIOR facial only available at Sadick Dermatology. Our doctors are world class specialists at various treatments to help you be happier with your hair and nails. Using cutting edge technique and the latest equipment, you are sure to find a perfect solution. Trusted by celebrities, serving everyone who needs a little extra care.

Hair Loss

Hair loss, also known as alopecia, can be temporary or permanent condition affecting both men and women.

Excess Hair

There’s no need to suffer through the embarrassment that unruly, unsightly or overabundant hair can cause.

Scalp Disorder

The scalp is one of the most unique areas of skin in our body. It is thin, with high follicular density and a high rate of sebum production.

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