About Excess Hair

There’s no need to suffer through the embarrassment that unruly, unsightly or overabundant hair can cause. Permanently reduce hair growth in nearly any area of the face or body with numerous laser treatments. Our staff of can help you choose the best one to suit your hair and skin type.

Possible Treatments

IPL or different types of lasers are used for laser hair removal. For optimal results, a series of four to six laser hair removal treatments will be recommended. The length of intervals between treatments will depend on your hair growth cycle, but typically facial hair removal treatments are spaced four to six weeks apart, and body hair removal treatments are spaced eight to ten weeks apart.

Laser hair removal treatment may be mildly uncomfortable, especially if an area of sensitive skin is being treated, so topical numbing cream and cooling fans may be used to relieve discomfort during treatment.


My Sadick Treatment Plan

Each client will receive a custom program designed to address his or her specific type of acne.  It doesn’t matter if you have the occasional pimple or cystic acne, we can develop a program that will result in clear, beautiful skin.

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