Men vs. Women: Anti-Aging Treatments

aging-men-women-300x200The thought of growing old together is one of the most romantic parts about being in a committed relationship. That being said, men and women don’t always age in the same way – especially when it comes to wrinkles.

Though genetics will always play an important role in the aging process, gender is just as important.

For example, men are more likely to develop wrinkles in the forehead region. It’s also common for men to loose chin definition over time. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to notice fine lines around their eyes and mouth.

Anti-Aging Treatments for Men and Women

Whether you’re a man or a woman, the art to aging gracefully starts with proper skin care. A daily routine should include:

  • A broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater
  • A mild cleanser in the morning and the evening
  • A moisturizer to hydrate dry or damaged skin

But even with perfect skin care maintenance, wrinkles and normal signs of aging are inevitable. Fortunately there are a number of cosmetic procedures available to treat common signs of aging in both men and women.

Top Procedures for Men and Women

Interestingly enough, couples cosmetic enhancement has emerged as a popular trend in recent years because many men and women feel more comfortable going under the knife or needle together. Despite this trend, it’s important to remember that individual consultations are necessary to determine eligibility.

If you or your partner is considering cosmetic enhancement, it’s important to speak with a qualified doctor about the risks and benefits of treatment.

Image Credit: Deviant Art