Sadick Dermatology Team

Dr. Shadi Kourosh

Dr. Kourosh comes to us from Harvard where she has served as the Director of the Dermatology Division of Community Health at Massachusetts General Hospital, Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School, and was named one of the Top Doctors in Boston. 
She previously served as the Director of the Center for Laser Surgery and Aesthetics at Brown University Dermatology, training the next generation of dermatologists in aesthetic procedures. She created Harvard’s Virtual Dermatology Conferences, where she educates physicians around the world in the science and art of dermatology through virtual programs. 
Dr. Kourosh is also deeply committed to patient advocacy. She created the Skin Advocate iPhone App, a free app that connects people with skin conditions with free resources and support to help them live successfully with their diseases. She is also the author of series of books called Facing Skin Conditions ( to help people live successfully with skin conditions.

Dr. Kourosh founded Mass General / Harvard’s pro-Bono tattoo removal program for those escaping gangs and human trafficking, winning national awards for its impact, and then expanded this into an NGO called The Radiance Clinic which provides cost-prohibitive dermatologic care for underserved and marginalized people, and now Chairs the American Academy of Dermatology’s Task for Force for the Intervention and Prevention of Human Trafficking.

She received the American Academy of Dermatology’s Presidential Citation for Outstanding Service during the Covid19 Crisis and has been named one of Medscape’s 25 Rising Stars in Medicine.
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