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Preserve your health with our innovative cell preservation

In an era where personalized medicine is the frontier of health innovation, Sadick Dermatology is proud to introduce Acorn – a revolutionary approach to regenerative medicine. Acorn harnesses the power of your cells today to ensure you have access to the most advanced medical treatments tomorrow.
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Discover Acorn's Potential

Acorn’s cutting-edge technology offers a non-invasive solution to collect and cryopreserve your cells, using just a few hair follicles. This method opens the door to future medical treatments and therapies, personalized just for you.

What is a Stem Cell?

Stem cells are the body’s raw materials, cells from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated. Their unique capability for self-renewal and differentiation into various cell types makes them foundational in development, tissue repair, and regenerative medicine. This versatility positions them as a key resource for future medical breakthroughs, offering potential treatments for a wide range of conditions.
ACORN Technology Pioneers Stem Cell Banking for Anti-Aging Therapies

Why the Hair Follicle?

Choosing the hair follicle as the source for cell collection is strategic due to its accessibility and richness in diverse cell types. Each person’s scalp houses approximately 100,000 follicles, making the non-invasive collection of just 50 a minimal ask with maximal yield. This method not only secures a mix of keratinocytes, fibroblasts, and mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) but also emphasizes the procedure’s simplicity and efficiency, showcasing Acorn’s innovative approach to cellular preservation.
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Why Acorn Biolabs

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How does it work?

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Consultation and Preparation

Begin with a brief consultation at Sadick Dermatology to discuss your needs and the cell collection process. This step ensures you’re fully informed and comfortable with proceeding.
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Cell Collection Procedure

A skilled professional at Sadick Dermatology performs the non-invasive collection of 50 hair follicles, a process taking approximately 30 minutes. This method is designed to be pain-free, with no significant downtime or side effects.
ACORN Technology Pioneers Stem Cell Banking for Anti-Aging Therapies

Processing and Preservation

Once collected, your cells are sent to Acorn’s lab for processing and cryogenic storage, where they’re preserved for future use in regenerative medicine.

Introducing Acorn Biolabs At Sadick Dermatology

Discover the future of healthcare with Dr. Sadick as he unveils Acorn’s groundbreaking technology. In this exclusive video, learn how Acorn is revolutionizing personalized medicine by offering an unprecedented approach to cell preservation.


Most frequent questions and answers

Hair follicle stem cell storage is non-invasive and versatile, offering a diverse cell source. In contrast, cord blood, rich in blood-specific stem cells, is only collectible at birth. Bone marrow provides a wide range of stem cells but requires an invasive procedure. Acorn offers an easy, adult-friendly method to bank diverse cells, including stem cells, for future personalized regenerative treatments.
While cells lose regenerative potential with age, they can still significantly contribute to regenerative treatments. Research, including a 2020 study on treating sun-damaged skin, shows that even older cells can repair and rejuvenate skin tissues, proving the value of banking cells at any age.
Your own banked cells, kept ageless through freezing, have broad potential in regenerative medicine, particularly where genetic match, tissue repair, or rejuvenation is needed. This includes addressing aging signs, treating orthopedic conditions like arthritis, healing injuries, and managing more complex issues like cardiac and neurological conditions.
Yes, individuals can bank their cells at any age, but earlier is generally better. Younger cells have higher regenerative potential, making them more advantageous for future treatments. However, banking cells at any stage of adulthood still offer significant benefits for personal health management and future medical interventions.

Save your best cells from aging. Contact us today

In just 30 minutes, you can start your journey with Sadick Dermatology’s innovative cell collection procedure. It’s simple, non-invasive, and a crucial step towards harnessing the power of Acorn’s regenerative technology. Secure your health’s future today – contact us to schedule your appointment.
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