Jennifer our artist-in-residence injector, combines years of expertise from LA to NY in aesthetic and medical dermatology. Her background in aesthetic medicine, research and education are met with meticulousness and compassion that her patients respect and appreciate.

In her own words: I consider my first and most important priority to get to know my patients, listen and educate them about the treatment choices available to them for long-term results. I wholeheartedly understand the emotional and physical aspects of skin treatments and my goal is to design treatment programs that holistically alter the aging process with natural appearing results for overall wellbeing.

By working closely with Dr. Sadick and his team, Jennifer has the latest savvy at her disposal to treat her patients. She enjoys continuously learning the latest aspects of the aesthetic field and she stays well-informed on the newest and innovative treatments to improve the skins youthful appearance.

Her expertise includes laser skin rejuvenation, PRP for hair growth, skin tightening, liquid facelifts using toxins and fillers, and general dermatology (acne, eczema, psoriasis and warts, skin cancer screenings/mole evaluation).

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