Alina Bonnano our star certified aesthetician works miracles on patient’s skin. She has an intuitive ability to understand her patients skin needs and design treatments for immediate and lasting results. She’s the must-go-to person for models before they hit the runway.

In her own words:  I love caring for and treating skin, bringing out its radiance and healthy glow. I know my patients come to me to be pampered rather than ‘’treated’’, handled gently, and leave blemish-free, comfortable and confident. So, I make a point to deliver results-driven treatments where the experience is relaxing. It brings me great joy to see them leave the office with a spring in their step, thrilled about their results. I’m also passionate about empowering my patients by educating them and changing the way they think about and care for their skin.

By interfacing with Dr. Sadick and his team, Alina keeps abreast in the latest developments in aesthetic dermatology and trains in new techniques and technologies.

With access to state-of-art technologies and cutting-edge skincare products, Alina’s services include acne treatments, hydrofacias, laser facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, microblading, pore cleansing, micropigmenation, oxygenating treatments, product recommendations and lymphatic drainage. Alina also performs laser hair removal on all skin types.

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