About Excess Abdomen Skin

Even if you take great care to keep your face and neck looking youthful and fresh, sun damaged and veiny, withered hands can make you look ungracefully aged.

Hand rejuvenation is an ideal way to improve the skin tone, skin texture and overall appearance of your hands to complement your other anti-aging efforts and ensure every handshake is a confident one.

Possible Treatments

One treatment or a combination of hand rejuvenation treatments will be recommended to your based on your unique needs and cosmetic concerns.

For instance, if you wish to correct protruding veins and sun damage on your hands, a recommended hand rejuvenation program including IPL treatment for sun damage along with EVLTsclerotherapy or a similar vein procedure and possibly Sculptra injections to correct protruding veins.

If your primary goal is to improve the appearance of crepey, mottled skin on your hands, then hand rejuvenation with laser resurfacing or chemical peel may be recommended. Trust the skin care experts at Sadick Dermatology to create a custom hand rejuvenation treatment plan designed to achieve your unique cosmetic goals.



My Sadick Treatment Plan

Each client will receive a custom program designed to address his or her specific type of acne.  It doesn’t matter if you have the occasional pimple or cystic acne, we can develop a program that will result in clear, beautiful skin.

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