Five Reasons to Skip the NYC MedSpa and Choose a Cosmetic Dermatologist

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You see them all around NYC these days – low cost medical spas that offer a variety of services from Coolsculpt, hair removal, fillers, scar treatments, and even the latest in laser and PRP facial treatments. They advertise on subways and buses, and their presence on discount websites like Groupon and Living Social is borderline ubiquitous.

While a lot of these places would like you to think that there is parity in quality with a cosmetic dermatologist’s office, the harsh reality remains that often these places are only meeting minimal standards. McDonald’s may get an “A” rating from the Board of Health, but how good is the food, and how good is it for you?

Dermatology is a science. The decision of who should perform treatments on your skin should be treated with a higher level of consideration than figuring out where you’re going to get your nails done after work. Think of it this way: A messy manicure is an embarrassment. A botched Fraxel laser or injectable filler procedure is a full-fledged problem.

While there are a bevy of reasons to choose a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist over a discount operation, here are our top five reasons you should skip a walk-in operation and choose the doctor’s office.


There’s a good reason why old sayings pass the test of time. And few sayings are older than “You get what you pay for.” Sure, that McSpa may save you a few bucks upfront, but it’s important to bear in mind the difference between “price” and “cost.” Price is the dollar amount you pay. Cost is the full consideration of the quality you’ve purchased, the number of visits you need to purchase, and the excellence of results. So, if you go to a cheap place for filler, and they botch the injections, not only will you end up looking terrible, but you’ll probably end up paying someone else to fix the results. Same with laser procedures like high-end laser treatments like Fraxel or Clear and Brilliant. A med spa may advertise a 30% lower price, but they often use lower powered or outdated lasers. In the end, it may take you five times as many treatments to get similar results from one treatment with a professionally trained, properly equipped dermatology team.


Would you take your car to be serviced by a mechanic who could only change the oil? Why would you treat your skin with less consideration? The best cosmetic results are often achieved by taking a holistic / comprehensive approach. Treatments like Botox and Jeuveau may legally be allowed to be performed by anyone certified to work with a syringe, but can that person also do a full body skin exam to check for signs of skin cancer, or prescribe you medication to treat rosacea or psoriasis? Do they offer services to treat sun damage? Do they have proper lasers for pigment and fine lines? Do they perform skin tightening procedures after a procedure like Coolsculpting or Sculpsure leaves skin laxity behind? Do they accept insurance for procedures covered by your policy? Why would you go to multiple locations for multiple services when you can find one good place that does a wide range of things well. You’ll end up with better results, and a more cohesive, long-term treatment plan; all with less hassle.


Most NYC med spas are more spa than med. Nobody is thinking about skin cancer when they’re going into a street front med spa to get Botox. The frightening reality is that even the most skilled technician in one of these places may not know to flag that discoloration on your skin for something potentially serious. It’s important to remember the importance of annual full body skin exams. These are an absolute must in skin cancer prevention. Also, you may have other medical issues such as acne, alopecia, dry scalp, psoriasis, and eczema that you want addressed by a qualified physician. If your medical and cosmetic dermatology team are one in the same, your doctor will be able to better understand the full picture, determine your unique needs, and customize a plan specifically for you.


The way med spas charge lower prices is by having lesser trained staff perform your procedures. Most people are shocked to learn that, other than having a physician on staff, there is very little regulation and oversight as to who can perform many of these procedures. Many times the staff “technicians” and even nurses doing injections have only received a few hours of training, and most of the technicians and aestheticians have zero real medical training. Call us crazy, but we would rather not take that gamble and have someone essentially “learn as they go” on our skin.

As the med spa industry boomed in the past decade, concern has grown that an increasing number of non-physicians were administering everything from topical anesthetics to using lasers. This can put patients at potential risk. The medical leadership of a dermatology clinic can greatly influence all of the other providers whether they are other doctors, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants (all of whom have deep medical education and training). If you have an inexperienced doctor leading a team of other inexperienced professionals (as is the case at many med spas), it could be a recipe for sub-par service, poor results and even dangerous outcomes. Choose a clinic led by a seasoned pro and oftentimes the treatment protocols and wisdom will extend well beyond the leading physician to his or her team.


When it comes to experience, few dermatologists are in the same class as Dr. Neil Sadick. Named a “Best Doctor” multiple times by New York magazine, Dr. Sadick has extensive experience in multiple specialties, including internal medicine, cosmetic surgery, dermatology, phlebology, and hair transplant surgery. As a researcher who has been at the forefront of laser and injectable treatments for over 30 years, Dr. Sadick has a long history of turning revolutionary ideas into industry standard procedures. Dr. Sadick serves as Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical College, and is President Elect of the International Society for Dermatologic Surgeons. He has been one of the top cosmetic dermatologists on the Upper East Side for more than three decades, and has become an institution in the community. Why are we highlighting all of these incredible achievements? For one, it shows that Dr. Sadick is respected not only by patients, but also by fellow physicians and industry experts alike. And, perhaps just as important, patients can feel confident that the same excellence of care is practiced by all of the providers at Sadick Dermatology. It’s one of the reasons we stand head and shoulders above the rest.

If you’re interested in learning more about finding a cosmetic dermatology team that also excels in medical care Call Sadick Dermatology at 212-772-7242 or email us at

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